IDAHOT event 2016 in Yangon
IDAHOT event 2016 in Yangon

Colors Rainbow organizes community events such as International Day Against Homophobia and Transgender Day of Remembrance with other LGBT groups around country.


Collaborating with other allied groups for legal reform and social changing

Colors Rainbow organized a series of advocacy meetings with different organizations in Yangon in order to raise awareness of the organization’s activities, expand the network, and ensure a broad and diverse level of participation. Meetings were conducted with:

  • Myanmar Business Collation on AIDS (MBCA)
  • Medecins du Monde (MDM)
  • Burnet Institute
  • Association of Myanmar Disabled Women Affairs
  • AIDS Alliance
  • Myanmar Institute of Theology
  • Marie Stopes International (MSI)
  • Internews,

Colors Rainbow also conducted an international stakeholder meeting hosted at the British Embassy in Yangon, where two transgender women spoke about recent human rights violations they faced. UNAIDS, the British Embassy, the US Embassy, and the European Union are cooperating with Colors Rainbow on follow-up activities to the Mandalay incident in 2013.


Research & Documentation for Advocacy

In 2012, HREIB (Equality Myanmar) and Colors Rainbow conducted research on abuse and harassment of the LGBT community, including any impact of Section 377 of the Penal Code.

Based on the research findings and advocacy planning meetings, Colors Rainbow has developed a campaign in collaboration with network partners aimed at reducing discrimination and violence against LGBT people in Burma.

Efforts included the finalization of the research report, a draft of which was launched at the IDAHO event 2014 in Yangon.

The findings and recommendations were publicized through various activities coordinated by Colors Rainbow and implemented by appropriate network organizations, in particular the advocacy working group, as identified at the network meeting held in May 2013.

The meeting served as a chance for groups to further develop the advocacy strategy and create new platforms for targeting the government, media, civil society, and the LGBT community at large.