Capacity Building


The capacity building initiatives under the Colors Rainbow programme is targeting LGBT activists, a group particularly marginalized in Myanmar due to their sexual orientation.

The Myanmar LGBT community is more exposed to social discrimination and health problems, in particular STIs and HIV/AIDS. The trainings aim to integrate LGBT rights into the mainstream of human rights activism, encouraging collaboration between human rights groups and LGBT groups and emphasizing connections between rights and sexual health.

There is a great need to put the issue of LGBT at the center of human rights and health education programs, and to integrate a rights-based approach into the work of HIV/AIDS CSOs.


Trainings on Basic Human Rights and LGBT Rights 

Colors Rainbow provides trainings to increase participants’ understanding of LGBT rights themes and issues, including the history of international LGBT rights movements; the Yogyakarta principles; the effects of discriminatory laws and practices and Section 377; the relation between service delivery and rights, including RBA; and the interrelation of LGBT rights and general human rights.

At the end of the training, the participants develop action plans for their organizations on rights-based approaches to issues of sexual orientation and gender identity.

In Addition, Colors Rainbow also organizes various workshops in different communities such as media, lawyers, LGBT communities and non-LGBT communities throughout the country to protect and promote human rights for LGBT community in Myanmar.